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RotoscopeRotoscope After


Rotoscoping is a visual effects technique that makes digital matte for an object that is to be isolated from a specific background. This object is then seamlessly composited on a different background.

  • • VFX Roto
  • • Stereo Roto
  • • Green/Blue Keying
  • • Matte Extraction
Paint PrepPaint Prep

Paint Prep

Paint prep is a visual effect process that is used to remove unwanted elements from a scene or shot. It helps remove rigging, tracking dots and wires before a shot can move along the pipeline.

  • • Wire Removals
  • • Rig Removals
  • • Camera/Reflection Removals
  • • Crew/Object Removals
  • • Clean plate Creation
  • • Dust/Scratch Removals
Cosmetic FixesCosmetic Fixes

Cosmetic Fixes

Cosmetic fixes used to refine a shot or image to get a high quality result. This tool is often used to hide facial marks or create a consistent shot seamlessly.

  • • Tattoo Clean-ups
  • • Wrinkles / Crow's feet Clean-ups
  • • Beard /Hair Removals
  • • Acne scars/Age spots removal
  • • Digital Beauty makeup

Matchmove & RotoAnim

Matchmove helps integrate the live action shots into a virtual model. This is done so that compositor artists can integrate 3D models in the live action footage.

  • • Camera Tracking
  • • Object / Layout Tracking
  • • 2D Tracking


Compositing is a VFX technique that is used to blend multiple shots to create one seamless shot. This technique is used to blend green screen shots with CG shots to create a perfect sequence.

  • • Crowd Duplication
  • • Monitor Screen Comp
  • • Mobile Screen Comp
  • • Set Extension
  • • CG Comp

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